Life comes at you hard from time to time. Change can be immediate and it can be traumatic. From death, scandal, break-ups, loss of income, the Corona virus and plenty more… things can turn instantly.

2020 is being aggressive. The world has already dealt with so much. The loss of Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gigi and their friends, affected more than just basketball fans. We’re all going to meet our maker one day, but he in particular was someone I never imagined dying. I don’t know if that makes sense, but I’m my mind… Kobe could never die.

His death made me approach 2020 with a differently. Usually the target is the amount of money I wish to accumulate or the number of stamps in my passport I want over a year but Kobe’s death made me think more about legacy.

It’s great to do cool work, but is my work cool on social media only? Does my work become a conduit for others to tap into their targets and dreams? If it does, that’s really cool to me. I’m proud that at Showlove we’ve always focused on teamwork and what we can do in society and what is known as the culture.

We’ve started things again. We’re in the process of building things again. We recently launched Artisan Weekly recently in Maboneng. This is an initiative to improve the quality of life of artists. From cooks, painters, sculptures, musicians, mixologists, small businesses and the people, we’ve created an environment every Saturday where people can enjoy themselves in a slick market while supporting the artists. We hope to be  part of the story of the next great crop of South African sucesss stories.

In light of the Corona virus, everyone is concerned about their health and of course their livelihood. We have to work through this fire too. We have to use social media, our websites, blogs, vlogs, YouTube, podcasts to tell our stories and also offer solutions for our customers. We need to avoid physical contact for now, but we can still touch the world.

Please let’s never give up, let’s keep pushing. Wishing everyone health and may God bless your hustles.

All love