No one gives you time, you make time. Easiest way to annoy me, is by telling me how busy you are… I’d rather you simply tell me that you’re not interested because making time is about prioritizing.

People think I have a lot of time on my hands. They see me having lunches and dinners all the time and in their opinion I don’t really work, so perhaps that’s why they seem to have the notion of being busier than me.

For majority of my adult life, I commuted. This was before smartphones, social media and data issues. These days you can run corporations from your bed, I didn’t have that luxury when I first got into business.

I had to take minimum two taxis to get somewhere and if that was all for the day, then minimum two taxis home. That however was unlikely, often I’d have to take another taxi to another stop, walk, wait, try to get some food in, all while looking presentable to whoever it was that I had to see that day. I couldn’t look like my efforts… had to make it look easy.

Commuting taught me about time management. I had to plan for traffic, accidents, lines at the taxi ranks, weather, taxi breakdowns, moody drivers, etc. I had to gage distance from where the taxi would drop me off and how far I had to walk to my actual destination. Despite all of that, I pride myself on always being early.

Being early, gives you control. It allows you to settle and be composed… it is impressive. In some instances in business where there’s a pending negotiation, being early can even be intimidating. Your confidence when you walk in, having jokes with the receptionist, confidently sipping on you coffee and that smile(yes I smile),can really put your ‘opponent’ on the back foot.

When you’re late, you are on the back foot. You immediately have to apologize, you seem disoriented and if you’re a dude meeting me in a restaurant, you’re definitely paying the bill.

You have to make decisions about the things you want. I decided that no matter how tough the hustle is, I want to savour moments everyday and make time to actually take a look at the world and hopefully understand it a little more.

I no longer have to hop on a minimum of four taxis a day. I no longer have to send proposals from internet cafes and have to spend money checking and hoping for a reply everyday. I still have to wake up early, kill emails, go exercise, look mildly handsome, meet my team and then deal with the world.

Weaving JHB traffic is still a mission, so I must plan for my meetings but above all… do I have to take this meeting? Looking busy doesn’t always mean that you’re getting shit done. Is this meeting necessary or are we hanging out? Why do we need the waiter to take pics of us in this meeting? Why do our instagram captions always read, #BigThingsPoppin or #TheyWereNeverReady?

Are we making strides or do we want to be perceived as successful. Most meetings aren’t necessary. Emails, texts, phone calls, video calls, social media… we rarely have to meet. If we are working on something and need to feel out each other’s vibes… then let’s cool. If we genuinely enjoy each other’s company, let’s link up… once the work is done.

Time is your greatest asset. Time for yourself especially. To rest, think, read, learn and experience things for yourself. You have to do this with peace of mind knowing that you’ve taken care of your business and the people in your life. You must have routine and rhythm… even the process of me writing this this blog requires me to plan and manage my time.

It’s 6:30am. I woke up at 6:00am  I’ve sorted my emails, I’m writing these thoughts and I have gym with my boy Jack at 8:00am. Gonna put an hour in the gym, steam and get fresh there ,grab a smoothie and be in the office 09:30am.

An hour in the lab getting up to speed with my team, then 11:00am with a client at their office. 12:30pm I have a shoot at my favourite restaurant. The shoot is for product shots of my MCC, Atelier which was delivered to the restaurant yesterday. After the shoot, the owner of the restaurant and I have a tasting of Atelier Brüt and Brüt Rosé over lunch with a sommelier I’m trying to convince to list my MCC at a prestigious hotel.

My ‘working’ day will be done around 2pm, the proceedings prior will be documented on social media and I will give the impression of an easy ‘champagne life’. I’ll take 30minutes to myself over an espresso to check on all admin, then get groceries on the way home for what I plan on cooking later.

Post supper I’ll probably watch a documentary or movie, read something and make notes while planning something.

That’s Thursday, that’s today. The days are never the same but you can really make these things look effortless if you’re taking care of your time. You might even be viewed as lazy because you’re not at a desk all day.

Oh, what’s the point? Well everyday I get mails and DMs from people who struggle moving forward in their hustle. I can almost guarantee that not prioritizing is a major setback for them. Stop convincing yourself that you’re busy. Have a look at what must be prioritized and don’t forget that your time isn’t more important than the time of others. Respect time. Use your time. Enjoy your time.