I don’t think I ever get writer’s block. Especially in an age when I can express myself on so many platforms and in so many different ways. I’ve received a few emails and DMs complaining about the regularity of my writing… not even sure if I should apologize, but hope you know I appreciate the fact that you even take the time to read what I put out to the world.

I had a birthday a few weeks ago and like with most birthdays, I took the time to reflect. I worked(as usual), but I was out of town so I got to explore a bit. I was also surrounded by love and that was the best part. People come and go, we all change, we have have regrets, we hopefully learn the lessons… but it feels incredible to be loved.

The love is spilling over into work and I’m ready to take another giant leap. September 28th I’ll be launching my pop-up restaurant. I’ll be introducing people to some of my dishes, signature cocktails and I’ve created my first ever wine list. CafeTibz is growing and I’m hoping people will grow with me. I hope they come to share with me, I hope they give me feedback on where I can improve, I hope they spread the word on what they love about the place, above all… I hope they make reservations.

I’m excited about this phase. This is my first EP… I’ve been dropping mixtapes… classic albums are still on the way. I plan on having fun while executing my model and continuously learning the game. I look forward to the vibes. Thank you to the people and brands that believe… let’s keep doing cool shit.

132 11th street Benmore, Coffee Exchange(CafeTibz)

Friday night reservations: tebello@showlove.co.za

Saturday long lunch

All love