I went on holiday with a few missions. Firstly to rest. 2018 has been a monster push and because we’re not getting any younger, I pushed myself really hard at boxing and on the basketball court too. That consistency definitely takes its toll and my frame needed me to pause.

Secondly I was on a mission to learn; about the culture, cuisine, art and anything else.

Lastly the mission was fun and getting great content for social media. I’m not going to front about the importance of the latter in my business, a cool page is part of the business.

I basically slept for the first two days due to pure exhaustion and then I was pretty sick (fever) for the next two days. This confined me to my beautiful villa and I guess things could have been worse. I spent my time in silence mostly and then listening to new music, reading, short walks, smoking cigars and thinking… my confinement was a blessing and it was beautiful.

Once healthy, I explored. I realized that Bali is interior design heaven. There are factories for everything furniture related and it’s all beautiful. I found exquisite crockery, amazing paintings and mind you I wasn’t even searching.

The food is insane. There’s good food everywhere and it’s cheap, fresh and there’s lots of skill that goes into it… even on the street.

The promoter in me fell in love with the day clubs. From world-class design, incredible service, immaculate views and of course all the excellent food and drinks. Onmia Day Club, Rock Bar and Finns Day Club are highly recommended.

Bali was beautiful, I snuck into Doha for a day on the way back home and indulged in their museums. Great experience.

Good to be home, well-rested, lots learned, lots to implement.

All love