2018 has been incredible. Yes, business has been good. Yes, relations are awesome. Yes, we’re healthy, fit and have strong beards but that’s not why it’s been incredible.

I think in many ways, we’re all artist in everything that we do. If you’re a lawyer, your art could be how you go about your garments or how you work on your delivery, that confidence can make you a better lawyer.

If you’re a caterer, your choice of crockery can motivate you so much and bring about your skills as a cook to produce and present a beautiful dish.

In events, great execution is like poetry in motion and I truly believe we can find that art in all that we do.

2015 and 2016 were shit years for me. 2017 I relaid the foundation(canvas) for my art and in 2018 I shared my art. The most therapeutic thing for me, is doing what I love and doing it my way and this year I fell in love with my work again and I believe it showed.



I also fell with being a fan of the game again. The game for me, is the dream, the hustle and the passion. I fell in love with the success of others, the fire in their push and their execution as artists.

So many people are doing well, so many will do well and plenty will make a comeback if 2018 wasn’t as good to them.

We remain artists in this beautiful world has plenty more for us… let’s always be in love with our art.

All love