I spoke to a friend recently about our personal journeys in entrepreneurship. She spoke on how she used to struggle with her choice to go the entrepreneurial route. Everything about it just felt hard, like she was choosing to suffer.

Fashion is her passion and she chose to own her little space in the industry. Chances are that she would have probably ended up working for a fashion publication, perhaps would have even been a fashion editor by now, which is ironic because as things stand she would currently be unemployed due to the demise of publication houses.

Amidst a global crisis, her choices are all beginning to make sense now and she couldn’t be prouder of herself. It’s all about seeing things way before they happen. That’s not easy at all but self-belief is what truly counts here. When you believe… you can make things happen.

Entrepreneurship is an inevitable route for many now. In many ways, many of us will become creatives. Although survival is currently top of the list, passion is definitely something that cannot be ignored currently. That thing that you love, spend some time on it, study who needs it and how you can share it with your personal touch.

Don’t be hard on yourself for having to create during this period. You’re very likely going to create something that the world needs and will eventually bring you immense joy.

All love