So I’m on my annual January detox. Every year I take a liquor break and get back to exercising after the festive mayhem. This isn’t unique, I’m sure plenty of us do this.

This year however, I’ve added meat(yes, fish too) and social media to my detox. It’s about a week into the break and people are already calling and asking if I’m ok. I’m fine guys.

The new year always has me reflecting. What are my resolutions, goals and targets. This year they haven’t changed at all, but I want to achieve these things more seamlessly. I take a break from liquor every so often because I want to know that it doesn’t control me. Trust me I enjoy it, but it’s important to know that I do not need it.

I’m feeling the same way about social media. I thoroughly enjoy it, even when I’m dragged… that too makes me chuckle. My issue is consumption. Am I giving the world too much and am I allowing social media to be my only reference? Do we call our friends and check on them or do we simply go through their stories to know what’s up?

The world is a beautiful place and there are so many great conversations to have and things to learn. I’m taking a month off for more human contact, more eye contact, more hugs… more love. I’m using the break to read more, watch my documentaries, listen to music, paint, sit in silence and cook.

Everyday we learn more about the benefits of being off meat(I’ll never completely give up meat), I’m all for moderation. My current break is also a work challenge. If I continue to create ways of making veggies delicious, then that makes my offering even better.

So it’s a new year, it’s the old me… just less clutter. The holidays were amazing. Back to beast mode. Wishing you all a great year… to peace and profit

All love