2020 continues to be a test. Beyond how the Coronavirus has crippled the world, we still have to fight for basic human rights. What’s happening to black people in America, isn’t simply an American problem… systematic racism and prejudice of any kind, happens all over the world. It will always be wrong, no matter where it takes place.

What makes it worse, is that the United States has always been the idolized nation of the world. It’s been heartbreaking to see what black people are being subjected to. We know this pain. We will continue to pray and hope for immediate change.

As individuals everywhere, we pray for the mental strength to fight for our livelihoods that have been dented by Coronavirus. We appreciate any kindness towards each other… even a kind word of encouragement.

For as long as we have the blessing of life, 2020 still comes with hope. The Showlove team hopes that you’re all in a good space and may God bless your endeavors. Please, let’s never lose hope.

All love