Food is so important. This sounds so obvious. Obviously, we have to eat to live, fuel our bodies and get big and strong… however, it’s really not as simple as it sounds.

We are all busy, be it hustling, our jobs, studies, parenting, etc and giving our bodies the fuel to handle the busy life is far from easy. Personally, I’ve always struggled with weight issues and constantly trying to eat healthy in conjunction with my schedule, is quite difficult.

I appreciate anything that makes my life easier. I’m glad in 2019, brands know that they have to give us the very best and that’s why McCain veggies have found their way into my life.

For the last few years. I really looked down on frozen veggies. I thought they were for the lazy man, I thought that it was a short cut and I’m not a great fan of short cuts. I’m happy to have learned the benefits of the convenience and the hard work they put in to ensure my convenience. They have simplified the prep process and have saved me time. I’m not lazy… I’m smart.



The nutritional value of frozen goods was previously a concern for me. Through McCain, they took the time to school me on the benefits because they understand that other than eating to live, cuisine is a huge part of my business… I need top quality products in my life. I appreciate them for that.

With all the science and stats and and and, food should be delicious. Food is art and food is love when it isn’t amazing or an indication of love, it makes me sad. Not only am I cooking delicious food with McCain veggies every day in my home, but I’m gonna show you that you too. You can be healthier and when you cook for yourself and others, you can be more impressive too.



Knowing that from the source, the best produce is packaged for us, gives me great confidence when I cook. I’m glad I’m not wasting any food either.

All love