I can’t think of anyone that didn’t at some point want to be on the cover of a magazine. In my apartment, are stacks of magazines in my bookshelf and even more in boxes. I can’t get rid of them. I still love the feeling of paper but I especially love going back to articles that inspired me years ago. It’s crazy for me to be looking at a 10 year old Esquire cover with Jay Z, the hero he was to me then and the hero he is to me now. I feel like I know the man… as naive as that sounds.

I still marvel at the writing of Scoop Jackson for Slam when he first had Allen Iverson or Lebron James on his covers. I didn’t just want to play basketball like them, I wanted to understand why they played so hard. That made me play harder and respect the game more.

I’m loving the shift in South African publications in 2018 especially. I know the personal stories of many of the beautiful, black people that we are seeing on the covers and it’s important that they are celebrated. It’s important that those who aren’t privy to the stories, are given the opportunity to connect with them. So many heroes in this generation and our youth need to know that their heroes are closer than they think and that they too can someday be celebrated.

Congratulations to all the media houses, editors, photographers, stylists, etc behind the scenes. Our stories are important and we appreciate you.

All love