In 2018 I was attempting to produce my first pop-up restaurants. There was extensive research on creating my by business model, pitches to brands, discussions with restauranteurs, their investors, etc. Most people weren’t really feeling my idea. Eventually my boys Mac and Law believed. Mac was the marketing manager of the brand that came in and Law was the owner of the restaurant that I used and converted into the CafeTibz pop-up. Mind you, we always had good vibes… but neither of my friends were actually my friend at the time.

Fast forward and here we are. Lots of amazing work in between and strong ties have been built. I’m thinking about Mac and Law as I write this, because I’ve had quite a few conversations with them during this lockdown period. With lots of ideas and hope floating around, we all know that we have to create the future. Introspection often comes up. Using the time for yourself and loved ones. Then asking yourself the tough questions about your livelihood.

Very few people are going to be able to go about business as usual(if any), but how do we adapt? How do we stay alive and how do we eventually thrive. Other than having to be more creative than ever, the fellas and I have chatted about how whatever’s left of the ego must be stripped away.



The difference between ego and love also has to be very clear. Are you going to fight for your business because you love it and love your employees or are you driven by the fear of failure and how you’ll look in society? The love of your operation means you will make the difficult decisions too. That’s what comes with leadership. You may have to sacrifice your own income and unfortunately, you may have to retrench people. Bottom line, on the other side of this pandemic… is your business actually worth fighting for?

Creating the future definitely doesn’t mean starting at the top. You have to look within your circle and network and see who can you build something small with? You need a Mac and a Law who see what you see or you need to be their wingman for what they see.

It’s beyond collaboration. It’s about empathy. Life has already changed and will continue to test us. Let’s take care of each other, let’s have zero ego during this period and let’s destroy and rebuild.

Thank you to everyone that’s been sending feedback on our online art store, we actually made our first sale this week too. This is how we hope to play a part in the culture and make this platform useful for our artists.

Stay safe and may God bless your hustles.

All love