The older I get, the more I realize that the corny shit is true. You really need to love had you do and do what you you love.

Hip-Hop is the reason I first got into any kind of business. It’s also how I got into business. My love for the genre and culture, made me search for it. I searched for it at parties and would bother the djs playing house and kwaito with my requests. I searched for it in fashion and would confuse my parents with this oversized gear that was falling off my ass.

Showlove began as a place where I could play a part in keeping hip-hop safe. It was about the love of the music and it was cool that I could also make some sneaker money from it. Truthfully though, the business stuff was never my plan… I just followed the love.

After years in the game, a few years ago I decided to go back to being a fan and step away from the hip-hop business. I was no longer enjoying it and that’s a deal breaker in general for me. I probably walked away at hip-hop’s most lucrative era in South Africa. People thought I was crazy then, I’m not too sure if they still think I’m crazy.

It had lost its essence for me. The was a time where I believe even the house acts were drawing inspiration from hip-hop and the headliners at large festivals/clubs were definitely hip-hop acts. This has changed… why?

I think something happens generally when we focus solely on the business and not the passion. Hip-hop truly needed you to be in love with it for you to fuck with it. It was cool because it was your tool to express… the business came later. Hip-hop tapped deep into lyricism because you wanted your story to get out there… that was your therapy.

Money is very important, but when there’s no money in the culture… you see who truly loves the culture. We’re at a stage in hip-hop where its popularity has dwindled in South Africa. It no longer has the muscle it had on radio, in the clubs and with brands. I personally believe that this is an opportunity for a reset. For artists, djs, producers, managers, designers, photographers, labels, etc to just focus on the love and get back to doing cool shit first.

It’s important to also not have your culture dictated to. The people at agencies should be guided by you in campaigns and shouldn’t be dictating to you. Teach them about the essence and how that will draw audiences that will make them look good.

If it’s about love, there’ll always be a place for you in the game. The new school isn’t owed opportunities and the old school shouldn’t be intimidated by the new… there’s always more to create.

All love