I look at this cover and it blows my mind.  Forget my ego for a second. Forget the fact that I’m one of two human beings(love to J-Something) to have ever graced the cover of the top performing food magazine in this beautiful country of ours.

It blows my mind because I envisioned it. I saw it clearly and I worked each and everyday for it. For me it’s deeper than the cover, I’m a firm believer in the power of one’s story. I believe our stories are so important and we don’t tell them enough. I truly appreciate, My Kitchen for allowing me to tell my story and for bearing with me when it came to the details.

This isn’t my first cover and I’ve done many interviews, but this definitely felt like an exclusive. I hope those who read it understand that in 2018, you can’t allow anyone to box you. I’ve never spent one day in culinary school but I spend hours everyday in the culinary world because I love it. I won’t let purists deter me and neither should you.

Please go out and get a copy, please post it, please tag me, show love and please stay motivated. Get yours.

Oh my bad… have you eaten?