Unlearning bad habits, learning new routines, creating better habits and then destroying your own patterns in order to kill your comfort and actually get you to your target. This all seems crazy and stressful, but it’s very important in personal growth.

Life has its own tests for you, but you have to challenge yourself in order to constantly improve. In a social media age, we’ve all become easy to duplicate… we’re so easy to study because the victory of a lot of likes or LOLs traps us into a lull of comfort. We’re so afraid of the post that doesn’t get the desired engagement, we fear what we assume isn’t love, we then lose our own rhythm while trying to dance to the rhythm of others.

In order to become myself, I had to unlearn the habit of thinking on behalf of others. Trying to read people’s immediate reactions as a marketer is very dangerous. You have to gage what they do in the end. It’s like the song that annoys you in the beginning, but now you can’t get it out of your head. That song had an entire team behind it; radio, videos, shows, social media, PR… it’s being shoved down your throat and you can’t avoid it. Stick to your plan and once you’ve executed, destroy, unlearn and work on a new plan for your next move.

Woke up feeling a bit nervous because I’m doing my first live cooking demos at Decorex this week. I think I was worrying about people’s reactions but then I remembered what got me here. Love of what I do and the daily effort to improve and impress myself first. I had to talk to myself and remind myself how much fun I’ve been having and all I have to do is make it fun for everyone that comes through.

Not having fun is a bad habit. Let’s have fun with what we share with the world and let’s not panic if people don’t always get it.

All love