I’m often asked, “when did the food thing happen?”

More recently, “what’s up with this art thing?”

I’m at a point in my life where I truly understand the power of my story. My story is by no means more important to that of another, but my story is what sets me apart from others.

I understand that in 2019, in a world where social media and influence can no longer be ignored, the current battle is the one for unique content.

I sit with clients who’ll point out the great things that their competition have achieved and wish to emulate in a ‘unique’ way, so as to surpass them. I often frustrate my clients with my methods and approach because there’s rarely a template, hardly ever tools to measure return on investment, they simply have to trust my process in order for me to get them to their target.

I often tweet about the things you can’t teach and authenticity is definitely one of them. People see my culinary journey and my interest in art and it surprises them. I’m merely pushing the things that I enjoy. I still love hip-hop and streetwear, but I have developed more interests.

In fact, when I initially delved into hip-hop and streetwear, it wasn’t embraced back then either. It was new to many, but not new to me. It made me happy and that made it easy to sell. I sell the things that I enjoy because I don’t have to make things up.

The trust that my clients give me, requires them to be vulnerable. How we approach consumers can no longer be scientific, we have to connect with them on an emotional level. How does this brand make them feel, does it resonate with their ideals and do they wish to grow with the brand? This isn’t easy, it requires constant introspection… it requires you to constantly fall in love with the product.

The food and art thing makes me happy. Being happy makes me better in my work. It’s that simple. This can be applied to most things.

I’m constantly falling in love and just returned from Istanbul and Dubai. I was completely immersed in all that I love. It’s good to be home, I can’t wait to create more things for people to fall in love with.

As always I rant in my way. I hope I make sense. Fall in love as often as possible with your passions and the work will flow. Fall in love with your story and you won’t be stressed about unique content.

All love