Boil noodles of choice(I like spinach or sweet potato noodles) for about 4mins. Drain and allow to sit. Sprinkle a bit of salt and some olive oil on them.


Pour about 25ml of olive in a pan and bring high heat. Toss in a peeled and smashed garlic clove and herbs of choice and then toss in a Hawaiian stir fry mix from McCain and stir for two mins. Now add the cooked noodles, stir together and squeeze some lime juice over it. Remove from heat and allow to sit. Remove the garlic clove from the mix.


Fry a season pork fillet(salt and white pepper) in butter, chopped ginger and rosemary filled pan for 3mins. The key is to continuously baste the fillet on every side but keep it succulent without overcooking. Remove from pan. Slice and plate.