Lockdown has forced me to learn more and I appreciate that. It’s also forced me to focus on more DIY around my place and definitely when it comes to my cravings.

I love biltong. Specifically fresh, moist, and soft biltong with plenty of flavour. The biltong you find in a small town while on a road trip.

Last week I went about experimenting with making my own and it worked out perfectly.

Rump steak(with fat)
Balsamic vinegar
Meat rub of choice
Brown sugar
Dried sage

Season and marinade the rump with all of the ingredients, quantities are up to you based on the size of the rump. Now hang the rump in a cool place with limited air going in and out, for 3 days. A bit of mold may develop by day 3, simply dab the rump with some more balsamic vinegar using a clean cloth. Now hang again and on day 5, it will be perfect in terms of my preference.