The toughest thing about the world right now, is having to be tough. Life already had its test before the Corona virus, but had varying vices to deal with those tests.

This virus and lockdown has forced us to spend a lot of time with ourselves. We’re introspecting whether or not we choose to… there’s nowhere to hide. Some of the coping mechanisms of the past are no longer readily available to us. The streets seem to numb whatever it is that we’re trying to avoid. That euphoria in the club when you have the right amount of liquor in your system, your song is playing, you’re dancing your little heart out and you’re convinced that everyone around you in that moment, actually likes you. Now that’s gone.

That sense of validation is a drug on its own. From people loving your outfit of the day or laughing at your jokes. That’s addictive. That’s been taken away. To some this may seem superficial, but we all enjoy a bit of validation that’s unique to us… it could be the high fives from colleagues, the smile from a waiter that always serves you, a pay cheque, etc. The pandemic has stripped us of that feeling.

How are you coping? Are you coping? We tend to only discuss the economic hardships of this period in time, but staying motivated daily and maintaining eternal optimism is a true test. We’re at a stage where we have to recognize that the things that validated us, don’t make us. We have to figure out that we’re all cool as fuck on our own. That corny shit about being enough… it’s time to believe it. I believe that sense of self, is a great foundation for rebuilding whatever it is that the virus has destroyed in your life.

I’ve now lost five people that I know during this period. I think back on the last times we were together or the last few conversations. Some great memories and some not so great ones. Such is life. My coping mechanism is to focus on the great memories and to continue to focus on living a life created through passion. My passions don’t have to die, they don’t require a certain kind of world to exist. Passion got me this far and taking care of it is how I cope and will continue to live.

All love