So I’m in album mode. Actually, I’ve signed on to do a cookbook for March 2020 so I’m really focused on putting it together.

I don’t believe my place in the culinary world is based on recipes, of course, I’ll have a few but I consider myself more of a culinary poet. Cuisine is love, it’s passion and it’s art. It’s inspired by so many things; music, fashion, produce, memory, etc and that’s what I will share with the world.

I eat all the time(well we all do) and I think about food all the time. Other than survival, food has given me another platform to express similar to my time in events, music, and fashion. It has opened up conversations that are priceless to me and allowed me to formulate brand strategies that are fruitful for me.



Like all artists, I hope to have a culinary presence that is intriguing. It begins with respect, of produce, surroundings, techniques and history. Then everything must be delicious… no cheating, from seasoning to flavour layering… it must be incredible. Then it must be beautiful… if they aren’t taking a picture off of, then you didn’t nail it.

Now add great wine, beautiful cocktails, incredible ambiance and patrons with a sexy vibe. That’s what I wish to present to the world. That’s my current challenge and pressure. Looking forward to it.

All love