Social media has never intrigued me more. In light of the Corona Virus and information from our government over the last two weeks, social media platforms have been so alive.

We’re continuing to daily change in the world and social media(twitter specifically, is where we get lots of information and the immediate reactions. Other than health, the overall concern is about income. Freelancers and creatives seem especially worried and I can relate.

So what are we going to do? Personally, I’m enjoying an initially strange reconnection with some creatives. There’s a genuine concern because I guess we realize that we’re actually in this together. There’s a back and forth of ideas and collaboration on platforms such as Instagram Live. It’s clear that we will be watching each other more than ever on the internet. We’re still interested in each other… so content creators have an opportunity to possibly thrive.

I’m enjoying getting to know characters on social media through what they’ve been sharing. From books, wines, home exercise routines, recipes, brand building through a crisis and more… strangely, there seems to be a sense of community building. We have never needed our audience more. We have never needed each other more.

The 21 days is by no means ‘time off’ but it has to be approached positively. After making sure that I have enough toilet paper and noodles for the period… how can I use the time? I see the push-up challenges, I’m in. I see the reading challenges, I do better. Cooking isn’t a real challenge for me but I’ve challenged myself to be more in sharing my cooking philosophy. It’s bigger than sharing recipes, for me… there’s almost always a story with each book and I have to remember that our stories are important. That’s how we connect.

Movies, push-ups, journaling(in my weird way), cooking, connecting with my community and continuing to learn about myself. That’s my plan. Hope your plan for the period is good to you. Hope you are safe and you have faith in the future.

All love