Was Tesla’s Old Model 3 Logo Too Close to the adidas Three Stripes?


For adidas, the logo for Tesla’s old Model 3 apparently hit a little too close too home. Though Tesla has already discarded the Model 3′s old insignia, the three-stripe design bared too many similarities to Adidas’ own legendary logo for the apparel giant’s liking. As other outlets have reported, Adidas has filed a legal challenge to bar Tesla from registering the old Model 3 logo as a trademark. Engadget notes that Tesla withdrew its trademark application for the old three-bar Model 3 design yesterday on February 7, but no official acknowledgement of the controversy from the manufacturer has surfaced. According to Tesla, the move was a “branding decision” rather than a direct response to a potential legal rift with adidas.

Most recently, Tesla made the news for its latest line of vehicles.

[Via Hypebeast]

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