Latest iPhone 8 Rumor States Apple Will Preview the Phone at WWDC


Another day, another iPhone 8 rumor. This time hailing from JPMorgan, the rumor suggests that Apple will break tradition and there is a “high likelihood” that the iPhone 8 will be announced at this year’s WWDC. The JPMorgan analyst believes that Apple will preview the new iPhone lineup in June, but the devices won’t go on sale until later in the fall. Though in the past Apple has launched new iPhones at WWCD, the trend has died down since 2010. Every iPhone since has debuted in September followed by a launch in fall, with Apple showing a preference for the season to help boost its holiday quarter sales.

Though JPMorgan does little to justify this claim, it would go against Tim Cook’s recent comments on the iPhone 8, stating the rumors surrounding the phone has caused sales to “pause.” Officially announcing the iPhone 8 in June would effect Apple even more from gaining those summer earnings. It’s more likely Apple will announce the iPhone 8 at a media event in early September, will a launch date of late October or early November. Do you think Apple will break tradition and we’ll be seeing the phone earlier than expected? Leave a comment below.

While we wait for Apple to officially announce the new model, make sure to check out all the latest Apple iPhone 8 rumors.

[Via Hypebeast]

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