OVO & Canada Goose Unveil Their New Collaboration


October’s Very Own and Canada Goose are back for another collaboration. This time around, the duo shares pieces for its upcoming 2017 spring offering in the form of a selection of co-branded Timber Shell Jackets in black/gold and white/black colorways. Each jacket is waterproof, breathable, lightweight and seam-sealed. OVO’s staple owl logo is placed on the left chest of each piece, keeping things minimal within its functional and premium materials.

The forthcoming OVO x Canada Goose 2017 ppring range will launch on June 16 at 12 p.m. EST in North America and 12 p.m. GMT in Europe. Take a look at the collaborative jackets above and let us know your thoughts below.

http-hypebeast.comimage201706ovo-canada-goose-2017-spring-collection-2 http-hypebeast.comimage201706ovo-canada-goose-2017-spring-collection-4 http-hypebeast.comimage201706ovo-canada-goose-2017-spring-collection-5 http-hypebeast.comimage201706ovo-canada-goose-2017-spring-collection-6 http-hypebeast.comimage201706ovo-canada-goose-2017-spring-collection-9 http-hypebeast.comimage201706ovo-canada-goose-2017-spring-collection-10 http-hypebeast.comimage201706ovo-canada-goose-2017-spring-collection-12 http-hypebeast.comimage201706ovo-canada-goose-timber-shell-jacket-02 http-hypebeast.comimage201706ovo-canada-goose-timber-shell-jacket-3 http-hypebeast.comimage201706ovo-canada-goose-timber-shell-jacket-6 http-hypebeast.comimage201706ovo-canada-goose-timber-shell-jacket-8

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