Heron Preston Shares His Thoughts on Pollution & the Politics of Fashion


At Paris Fashion Week this year, Heron Preston made his European debut of his eponymous label. What stood out to many at his “For You, The World” 2017 fall/winter collection exhibition was the message “Second to oil, the textile industry is the most polluting in the world,” which was displayed on the wall of the exhibition space. When asked about the message and his recent collection the New York designer discussed the pollution and politics of fashion. Preston notes the current separation of creative process and the issues of the world, as he discusses the example for the younger generations he wishes to set with his clothing label. Stating the main takeaway from his latest collection is to show the world that it’s not just clothes and the weight of fashion should be respected.

Read an excerpt from Heron’s talk below and head here to read the full piece.

“When I was in the Department of Sanitation project, I learned that, second to oil, the textile industry is the most polluting in the world,” he said. A banner wrapped around the walls of the full space, also in orange, stating this fact in imposing white letters. “Once I found that out, I was like, ‘Fuck, I’m a part of that problem, how can I be part of the solution?’” remarked Preston. “I wanted that to be the main takeaway from this experience tonight. For people to just be like, ‘Wow, it’s not just cool fucking clothes, there’s also some depth behind the thinking.’”

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